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    hi all
    just wondering if green beans are good for labs as a filler.also are they fatning i would like to use them
    as fillers with his food.
    thanks rick

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    Hi Rich,
    Absolutely use green beans as a filler! They are not fattening and they're actually very good for the dogs. Make sure you get the unsalted version. I give my boys about 2 tbs with each meal. Alot of people here feed alot more than that though.
    Is your lab overweight?

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    DefaultRe: green beans

    Green beans are great for Labs, especially if they want more food than they need (and what Lab doesn't?). You can use fresh, frozen, or canned - but if you use canned, make sure you rinse them to remove the salt. What I do is drain the liquid out with my fingers over top of the can, refill with water, drain again - and do that three times total with the fresh water.

    Since switchng Buddy over to a grain-free food, he gets a half-cup less kibble per meal so I add half of a can of green beans to each meal to help fill him up. That gives him one whole can per day. When I had an overweight Golden, he got a whole can with each meal.
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