10 month lab started wheezing
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Thread: 10 month lab started wheezing

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    Default10 month lab started wheezing

    just noticed my lab has started wheezing when she exercises. Its not even an awful lot, i noticed the other morning for the first when she was excited and she ran up and down the stairs about 3 times and got slightly out of breath and she started wheezing shes in perfect health other wise. What could it be I was at the vets yesterday too with our black lab and she was there but completely forgot about it as was more worried about the diagnosis on the black lab than her as she has a lump and its right beside her lymphe node, being left til it gets painfull or suddenly doubles in size over night.

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    DefaultRe: 10 month lab started wheezing

    Kennel cough maybe? Sounds like a trip back to the vet is in order to me. -Anne

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