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    Defaulthip dysplasia

    My black lab just turned three and was diagnosed with hip dyspasia after she turned one. She has some pain depending on the day, how hard she plays, if she goes swimming etc. However, since we have moved since she was one we only have had one opinion on the conditon, are you supposed to get them x-rayed again after a certain time. Also how many people use Zubrin as a daily pain killer, is daily to much? My dog will act a little loopy or out of it if I give her one in the morning. Is this normal?

    Sorry I have so many questions, since moving we have yet to find a great vet, and back where we used to live the vet wasn't very helpful either, he didn't have much of an opionion on what therapy options are better and didn't have any alternatives to pain killer, and glucosamine supp daily.

    Help me! I wan't to keep her healthy and pain free as much as possible and know what I can and cannot let her do. Thaks!

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    DefaultRe: hip dysplasia

    Don't be sorry for asking questions.

    I am no expert on this but do know keep the weight down, moderate regular excersise with no hard jumping frisbee and stuff like that.

    Glucosamine daily. Also omega 3 fish oil, or mussle extract.

    I do know it is devestating news.

    Ernie was dx when I adopted him at 3.5. He has severe H.D. The only way to tell is xrays. I was told to have a second one a year later to see how they were. then told a year later as they weren't done properly the first time and worse than thought. I didn't do that as it costs $300.00 and his vet bills are huge.

    He has Pentsosan injections and Metacam. Swimming has been the best thing for him. I bought an above ground swimming pool and he swims every day for 9 months of the year. This has helped the most.
    I was told to walk him no more than 30 mins a day.

    Never be sorry to ask for help. There are a few with H.D. and they will give you great advise.
    Nick does a lot of research into this and has valuable information.

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    DefaultRe: hip dysplasia

    Were are you loacted at?

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    DefaultRe: hip dysplasia

    who diagnosed this? If your vet did...I would go have your dog exrayed at an ortho vet to get a good hip positioning and an idea of the severity of the HD. Depending, you can manage it with glucosimine, chonodrin, and other options. My dog has a mild case in one hip that is managed through Cosequin DS and keeping him exercised and leaner. He is not in pain...and he has not continued to worsen.
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    DefaultRe: hip dysplasia

    Sorry to hear about your lab I have a dog that was diagnosed with severe HD when he was 6 months old. The vet did take the x rays, which was confirmed by ofa as being severe. Do you give your dog any supplements for his hips? My boy started off with glyco flex (which is great), however due to his allergies he did not tolerate it well. He is now on Cosequin and K-9 plus which has (sodium hyaluronate) in it. I rarely have to give him anything for pain. If you don't have your girl on anything other than occasional pain meds, I highly recommend doing so, as it makes a HUGE difference. Keeping her weight down, is a must also.


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    DefaultRe: hip dysplasia

    I am located in Virginia. I don't know if there are any ortho vets around here but that is a great idea. I give her glucosamine/chrondrotin (sp?) in the morning, and I rarely give pain killers, only when I know we are going swimming, or if she has played hard with my other lab. Some people give daily pain meds, is that a good idea. I do it by the way she i walking/limping. She won't limp much usually, but if you move her hip around if she is laying down she will show her teeth and hold your hand in her mouth. I just want to stay on top of this as much as possible. I know that other owners might be able to give better suggestions as to what works for them. Thank you!

    Her weight is pretty good. 75 pounds, she is a big dog, but good weight for her size the vet says. She couldn't weigh much less and be healthy.


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    DefaultRe: hip dysplasia

    Been there many years ago.

    I agree with getting another x-ray by an ortho. Your vet will most likely have to refer you to the ortho specialist.

    Keeping your dog about 5 lbs. under the ideal weight is helpful with HD.

    Go to www.dogaware.com under the arthritis section for natual pain supplements.

    Vit. C (in hi doses to bowel tolerance) makes the adrenal gland produce natural steroids which helps reduce inflamation.

    DLPA all natural - makes the body produce endorphins.

    EPA/DHA fish oil (body not liver) helps joints.

    Massage, acupuncture can also help.

    Feeding proper amount of protein to help maintain muscle mass helps to support joints as well.


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