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    Has anyone used this food from this Company. A couple of friends of mine have labs and love this food for their dogs. Opinions? Thanks!


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    I feed their "Fish and chips" formula to my two, although I buy it direct from the manufacturer www.frrco.com . It's a good quality food, there's better out there and worse as well.

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    My Libby-girl gets FRR, and has since she was a baby (she's now just over 3 years old). I'm of the mindset "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," and she's always done FANTASTIC on it.

    I love the freshness, ingredients, quality, and ideas behind it, and have never had a complaint. My other dog is not on it because, like Libby, he's always done great on the food he's been on since a puppy. It takes very little of it to maintain their body weight (they get chubby quickly if you feed too much), and because most of it is highly digestible, there is VERY little waste...she only probably poops once a day to every other day.

    We, too, purchase it directly from the company (the above-mentioned site...which is the only official company website: www.frrco.com). Any other site would be an independent distributor, and they make money off of every bag you purchase from them or using their distributor number. That's fine if you know the people and are friends of them, but I prefer to save $ where I can. For what it is worth, while the first site posted in the OP looks authentic, it is not...they tried to be sneaky by not labelling themselves as an "independent distributor" but at the bottom near the copyright area, it reads "Distributors of Flint River Ranch Super Premium Pet Food."

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