Is this normal post spay behavior??
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Thread: Is this normal post spay behavior??

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    DefaultIs this normal post spay behavior??

    Shelby is 8 months old and was spayed on Thurs. the 6th. Before her surgery she only barked in the house if she needed to go out to poop. Since we picked her up she barks all the time, and at times is a little assertive about it. I'm hoping that this is just temporary and part of her recovery. Her incision is healing nicely and she is not licking it or bothering with it at all. She also has had pain medication for the past 5 days. I totally understand this was major surgery and she is uncomfortable and really really wants/needs to get some excercise. Also, she seems to be pooping more often-not diarhea or anything like that, just more often then her normal schedule. She pooped in the dining room last night because we thought her barking was just the frequent barking that's been going on and she went the last time she was out-turns out she was trying to tell us she had to go. I'm just looking for some reassurance that this may be expected behavior after surgery, and not an indication that something is wrong. I'm also hoping she will return to the "old Shelby" after she has healed and is able to be more active. Thanks for your help.


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    DefaultRe: Is this normal post spay behavior??

    Our Hershey Kisses was spayed at 6 months. We did not see the barking or increase in potty frequency that you are experiencing.


    Our Hershey Kisses was 8 months old on Sept 8th. Her barking has increased substantially. We used to get an occasional bark to go out, if we were a little late on the schedule. But now it is often, and sometimes insistent as you describe. We don't know if it is for attention, potty, play, treats, or something else. She never barked at the door bell, just ran to see who was coming in. She started barking when the door bell rings as of last week. We need a Dog Whisperer to talk with her and tell us what is going on.

    Reading your post makes me think we are dealing with a normal development phase.
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    DefaultRe: Is this normal post spay behavior??

    Well, then I don't like this phase. LOL. I don't think it's fair that the dog should start getting mouthy at the same time our toddler is. LOL. Thanks for responding


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