Inhaled allergies and what to try now?
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Thread: Inhaled allergies and what to try now?

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    My poor Dallas has had allergies most of his life, he is now 8. We have lived in FL, CA and now in NC. In the past mild antihistimines would work for his allergies and an occasional benadryl. Since moving to NC his allergies seem to be out of control. I have tried (over the course of 18 months) different shampoos, nothing works so far I am truly open for suggestions. The old antihistimines dont work, benadryl has no affect on him and the temporary depo-medrol shot does not last. His first one lasted months the second one almost 6 months later only lasted 3 weeks, now he looks like a cheetah with all the spots of hair missing from anywhere he can get his toenails.

    We had bloodwork done and he is allergic to the grass that grows in the yard and dust mites were the other one that was off the charts. I can't keep him out of the yard, but I try to limit his "grass time" it is sad because he loves to be out there so it is a catch 22. I wash his bedding all the time and vaccuum the bedrooms twice a week but at this point I am at a loss... PLEASE HELP US!

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    I am sorry that Dallas is dealing with allergies. My Ozzy who is 5 has had them most of his life. We have had blood tests and skin testing done to confirm his inhaled allergies. Ozzy has been dealing with an animal dermatologist at our veterinarian university. Before we went to the dermatologist Ozzy has the same treatment as Dallas ... benadryl and shots but they never really worked. He was always itchy and had infections - ear, anal glads, eyes ... hot spots. After we had his allergies confirmed we went with allergy shots combined with vanectyl p ( a stronger antihistamine & anti-inflammatory corticosteroid combination). After 1 1/2 years on the allergy shots I gave up b/c we saw little to no improvement. We continue to keep him on a grain free diet (he is full of food allergies as well) and I give him 2 vanectyl tablets every other day. Ozzy has been on this medication for at least 3 years but I have found it to be the only thing that will control his allergy symptoms. I know that the long term use of steroids is not good but the amount in this medication is minimal. Not sure if this helps any but we really have tried almost everything to control his issues & keep him comfortable. Good luck with Dallas and I do hope that you find something that will work for him. It is terrible to have to watch something you love suffer so badly. BTW ~ with his meds he can play outside as much as he likes.

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    Sorry cant help other than to say you are not alone. I have tried a everything I can diets/shampoos/ antihistamines/desensitisation injections.. Riley is now nearly 9 , at this mkoment in time is nearly bald with scratching, my bank account is in the red and I also dont know where to turn. The only thing she responds to is prednisone, as she also has chronic arthritis and leismaniasis so her prognosis is uncertain.... so my thoughts are that a shorter good quality time is better than a longer miserable time. Will follow this thread in case someone comes up with a miracle that I have missed.

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