More frequent scratching.
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Thread: More frequent scratching.

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    DefaultMore frequent scratching.

    The last 2 days I've noticed my dog is most definitely scratching (chewing/scratching) her feet more often than she normally does. First thing I thought was, "Fleas?" but I've checked her several times over the last 2 days and I'm not seeing anything. Plus, my husband and I are not getting bit by anything flealike.

    A few days ago, mosquitoes were getting into the house and eating me alive and the bites were itchy as heck. It was very annoying. I was wondering if maybe she just got bit a few times in those areas. She's also been scratching the sides of her head more vigorously too. The only other thing I can think of that happened a few days ago was that I took her swimming in a pond down the road. The temps around here have been hot and non-rainy for a while, so the pond had actually shrunk a bit too. Could she be itching because of something picked up in the water? I soaped her up a few times and she rinsed off by chasing the ball. I didn't rinse her off when we got home (I seldom do that).

    I'm not sure if I should be worried, or wait a few more days in case it is just mosquito bites.

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    DefaultRe: More frequent scratching.

    Did you rinse all the soap off her body after bathing her. You mention letting her rinse by chaising the ball or did you mean dry by chasing? Or did you mean she rinsed off in the pond?

    The soap would most likely irritate and itch if not rinsed off.

    The low pond could have been a bit stagnant and also have caused the problem.

    I would hose her down real good to see if that helps.

    My next question would be what food are you feeding and what are the ingredients.?

    Some dogs can have an allergic reaction to flea bites and doesn't necessarily take an infestation to the point where you and hubby would be getting bit. It can take one or 2 bites only.

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    DefaultRe: More frequent scratching.

    I agree w/ Snowco. Good places to start (dogs can be alergic to grains).
    Unfortunately, itching could be one of a billion things. My vet told me that dogs show their alergies/illnesses through their skin just as people do through their respitory system.
    If your dog has open sores, scabs, or hair loss, I'd make a trip to the vet.
    Katie and Boo

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    DefaultRe: More frequent scratching.

    even though you don't see the fleas, that does not mean it is not a flea. One flea can bug the, you know what, out of a dog.

    do you use frontline plus?

    could also be food, or airborne allergies, or soap, or just dry skin....

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    DefaultRe: More frequent scratching.

    My daughters dog (catahoula)sp breaks out in hives every August. All four paw get almost raw, her chest etc. We have come to the conclusion and the vet agreed it is some kind of grass allergy. She even tries to stay out of the grass with out us saying anything to her
    You could also try an oatmeal bath. It helps Dixie a little bit.
    The vet ended up giving her some kind of shot also because she was so broke out.
    Hope you dog gets better


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