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    Bailey is five and he has had about 4 incidents where he couldn't seem to bear weight and was leaning on things to support himself. His legs never actually gave way but he did pant and pant and drool. These incidents didnt last long at all and he never seemed to be any the worse for wear. Probably the wrong thing , but we have never taken him to the vets as he was always ok. Last week he had another "turn" and my husband was home with him. He recovered quickly as usual but when my husband put him into the garden to cool down he started again. By the time my husband had called my dad for a lift to the vets (i had the car at work) Bailey was fine once again- greeted his beloved "Grandpa" as usual and even jumped into the back seat of the car to go to the vets.
    She checked him over and came to the opinion that he could have a trapped nerve either in his neck or further along his spine. She prescribed Metacam which I think is a pain reliever as she said labs dont tend to show pain and total rest for 3 days. He goes back for a follow up next week but has been fine but i have read some worrying things about Metacam. Bailey seems fine- his poos are normal but I think he is definately drinking more water.

    Does anyone have any ideas what this could be or have any experience of Metacam- that is what it is called in the UK, by the way

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    My oldest boy, Blue, has Metacam daily and has been on it for over a year. Before that he was on daily Rimadyl. He has had no problems at all with either of these medications, if fact he thinks he is getting a treat and always looks out for his meds after he has finished his dinner

    Bailey's problem does sound somewhat similar to my GSP Matt is going through. We are pretty sure Matt has wobblers disease! When he has a turn any or all of his legs can cause him problems. It is difficult to say if he can't feel his legs or if they just aren't responding. They can seem to get ridged/spastic, knuckle under, he can end up doing the splits with his rear legs, he seems to hold his head down (neck pain?), trembles (but he does that a lot anyway) and needs holding up until it passes.

    Matt has had x-rays taken of his neck which is probably something you might want to consider if Bailey doesn't improve. He is getting towards the end of a 2 1/2 month course of Preds and also has weekly acupuncture.

    I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with Bailey and the Metacam helps him be more comfortable.

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    My old boy, Hershey, was on Metacam (it's called that in the U.S., too) for arthritis for about his last 10 months. He didn't have any problems with it and it did seem to help him feel better. You're right that it's a pain reliever. More specifically it's an NSAID. There are some risks with any of the NSAIDs but my vet considers Metacam to be one of the safer ones and actually switched Hershey to it from Etogesic when it became clear that giving him a fairly strong pain reliever was going to be necessary for the long term.

    Don't think I can help you too much with Bailey's "turns." You might try and think back and write down what was happening right before each one - sort of a log. And if he has another episode you could try to get a video of it so your vet can actually see just what's happening.

    Please let us know how Bailey does.


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