When does the swelling go down?
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Thread: When does the swelling go down?

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    DefaultWhen does the swelling go down?

    Scarlet has stopped bleeding now for several weeks but is still swollen.....(gross). We want to get her fixed but will probably wait another few weeks. When should I expect the swelling to decrease?

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    DefaultRe: When does the swelling go down?

    I assume you are talking about her vulva. It'll never be like her baby days, but should not be too obvious now, I'd think. In general, within 2 mos after she goes out totally (or almost 3 mos from when she came in), she should be safe to spay. -Anne

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    DefaultRe: When does the swelling go down?

    I've been told to wait two months after they are done before spaying as well. I don't remember exactly how long Mocha was swollen but it wasn't more than 2 weeks (after the bleeding stopped).


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