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    my lab puppy is now about 6-7 months old. she is mixed with a collie, but looks purebred. her last vet checkup was a month or so ago and she was very healthy. she is due for another vet visit in a week or so. over the past 2 weeks, i've noticed patches on her face. it started just a little bit below the eye. it looked at first like she had dirt on her, but then i realized it was thinning hair. she is getting other spots where the hair is thin on her face. if you are looking at her from a normal distance, she looks normal, but it's only up close you see it. the rest of her coat is very full and looks great.

    could she just be scratching her face a lot from getting dirt and stuff on it? she has a vet appointment coming up, so i don't want to rush her in if it's normal. her diet is proplan large breed puppy. she does eat some rawhides. recently she managed to get the stuffing out of her toy and ate some of the cotton. it hasn't seemed to affect her at all.

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    Vet visit coming up. Don't know how long that might be. Keep you eye on it, others may offer some home treatments you can try. Make sure you call the vets attention to it. There are a lot of possible causes, allergy, mange, various insects, bacteria, etc.
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    I beleive one of the forms of Mange starts by thining hair around the eyes. I would call the vet and see if they want to see her.
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