Neuter question... is this normal
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Thread: Neuter question... is this normal

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    DefaultNeuter question... is this normal

    Hi all
    Gus just got neutered today, poor guy has been crying since i brought him home, is this normal? Its been about 4 hrs since he got home. i gave him the pain meds the doc gave me around 2 hrs. ago. he's been up walking around a wee bit but mostly just laying on his bed and i fed him a tiny bit and he drank some water, he pooped but no pee. does that sound alright? He is 9.5 months old and i am worried about the crying, have others had this experience?
    -Worried mom

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    DefaultRe: Neuter question... is this normal

    If he was fully anethstitized (sp?). our vet told us that Hershey may cry most of the night as her anethstisia (sp?) wore off. I wouldn't worry about the crying through the night, follow the pain meds as instructed, call you vet in the morning.
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    DefaultRe: Neuter question... is this normal

    aww poor you and poor him - some dogs react differently to both pain and meds

    Sally was spayed Tuesday and she's fine - too fine already in fact but I was with her as she recovered - she was woozy but tough about the pain

    the dog who was nuetered however cried, whimpered and expressed his pain in many ways - and this is with a vet who uses pain management before, during and after surgery (which can be unusual)

    I'd say your poor boy needs to be distracted not coddled and hopefully he'll toughen up a bit

    hang in there

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    DefaultRe: Neuter question... is this normal

    I think that is common for many dogs coming out of anesthesia. I've been into my vet's recovery room and heard some awful howling. He should be better tomorrow. Keep us posted. -Anne

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