copper associated liver problems
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Thread: copper associated liver problems

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    Defaultcopper associated liver problems

    Hi everyone. I've got a serious problem with my female chocolat lab. She stopped eating two weeks ago,,so I took her to the vet. Nothing unusual on physical exam. Went through x-ray, blood test, ultra-sound, liver biopsy and urine titer. Blodd test came back with increased liver and kidney enzymes. Biospy resulted in "pigmentary hepat(something) and then liver stains showed copper and iron accumulation.
    Think this is a form of hepatitis.
    She's been eating poached chicken and white rice. Not much energy but seems a little perkier. My vet also put her on amoxicillin and metronidazole and ursodiol, marin and denosyl. And she also prescribed Hill's prescription Liver Diet food. Just picked that up today, so don't know how she'll take to it.
    But,,,,my question is,,,,does anyone else have any experience with liver problems in labs and if so,,,what worked for them. I've been spending hours on the internet,,researching this disease and feeling overloaded with facts.
    If anyone can help or point me in the right direction,,,I would really appreciate.

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    DefaultRe: copper associated liver problems

    I'm so sorry to hear this.

    I don't have experience with liver disease but do with kidney failure and i got a tremendous amount of help from the owner of this site below. She also has great info on supplementing and feeding for liver issues.

    Hoping you caught this early and this site can help. My girl did great from age 14 1/2 to 16 with KF.

    don't hesitate to contact owner of site if you can't find what you need from her research. She is very helpful. She is also a contributor to the Whole Dog Journal and full of knowledge.

    Prayers for your baby.

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    DefaultRe: copper associated liver problems

    Thanks so much for responding and for your suggestions. I will contact the owner of the site.
    Funny thing,,,I checked your profile and saw that you live in franklin lakes. We live in Paramus! I don't know much about message boards so I'm still finding my way around tentatively. Didn't know I could do a profile,,,,,geezzz. Will try to learn inbetween researching.
    thanks again.


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