Awful looking rash......
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    DefaultAwful looking rash......

    I posted this in lab chat without realizing that it should go here. No response from over there.....

    When we got home from training this morning, I was dressing and Sam sat down and began licking his "dog parts" and I thought OMG he's cut himself. It looked like he was covered with blood. When I got there and began looking, it wasn't blood. It looks like a horrendous case of jock itch! Bright red/purple all over that area, both sides, and up into the folds of his legs. Raised welts, bumps just awful looking. I loaded him up and took him to the vet who said it was an allergic reaction. I'm not sure I agree. (when did I get my vet degree?)

    It looks like a horrible yeast infection or as I said jock itch. The vet seemed very surprised that to be as bad looking he didn't seem bothered about it. No scratching, no licking etc. I said he might have had it yesterday, i didn't remember seeing that section, but I would have noticed licking or scratching and there hadn't been any. Plus I would have noticed if I'd seen it because of the bright color.

    Anyway he had a shot of steroid and antibiotic, and I've got to give him a pill twice a day for a week that if I understood him right has both things in it. And I have to call tomorrow and say how it's looking. And if he's bothered by it. Cost $129! Good lord!

    I'd been curious about what he weighed. I thought he might have gained but he hasn't. 62. I'm always surprised that he weighs as little as he does.

    Does this type of "rash" sound familiar to anyone?


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    DefaultRe: Awful looking rash......

    Coming on that quick sounds like an allergic reaction to something he came in contact with outside or something new you may have fed him or that he got on his own.

    Wish I had more answers for you. Prayers he is feeling better soon.

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    DefaultRe: Awful looking rash......

    What do they wash floors with where you train? I got my trainers to stop washing with bleach because after the five minute down, her whole underside was red...

    Hugs for Sam, hope his man-parts feel better soon.

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    DefaultRe: Awful looking rash......

    I responded in the one in LC I think.
    Mocha had a staph infection on her stomach that was a bad rash. She got it after swimming but I've heard of them getting it after being in tall wet grass too. Mocha's was cleared up with antibiotics and a medicated shampoo.


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