Well the day of reckoning is here. Twix is going into "hospital" on Thursday this week to have the investigative work done whilst she is being spayd. The vet that is doing the op is a soft skin specialist and is quite excited about this. Apparently it is rare for a girlie to have this type of hernia. (We knew she was special) The hernia's is dead central so each side is an individual op, so depending on the skin inside depends on if she will need skin grafts to cover the holes. ???

This has happened due to the amount of litters bread from her and the hernia is coming through her pelvic wall. :-[ Its not causing her any pain as this was the first question we asked. AND I would just like to add this was pre us as we would NEVER hurt our beautiful girl.

If anyone has any other info on this type of hernia it would be most welcome. I will keep you informed of how our baby girl is getting on.