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    Anyone know if this is harmful to dogs? Gus has had a little rash on his left knee that the vet can't get rid of. He just seems to want to prescribe expensive topical meds that do no good and run up a big bill. We thought the Benadryl may relieve the itching. Any thoughts?
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    Found this on google - not sure if it is any use to you but they seem to say it works for itchy paws - so why not for itchy knees?

    Check out the site

    Yes, you can give benadryl to dogs. Dosage is 10 mg for dogs under 30lbs, 25mg for dogs 30-50lbs, and 50mg for dogs over 50lbs.

    Hope it works for you

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    Benedryl is fine. We keep it on hand because Hudler gets major reactions if he's bit by bees, fortunately it's only happened 2x. The dosage is 1 mg for every pound. So those little pink pills are good for 25# of dog. Hudler's about 90# and we would give him 4. But that's for a major reaction!


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