Jonah and Jasper's Mom (Diabetic Dog)
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Thread: Jonah and Jasper's Mom (Diabetic Dog)

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    DefaultJonah and Jasper's Mom (Diabetic Dog)

    How is he doing? what did the vet say?

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    DefaultRe: Jonah and Jasper's Mom (Diabetic Dog)

    Hi, have been up to the vet this morning- I'm in England so we're obviously on a different time scale which is why i hadn't updated yet,

    Jonah seemed a bit more lively again this morn but his legs were still a bit wobbly- any how the vet has done some blood sugar tests, it was pretty high 19.3- a good level apparently is between 4 and 8. He wants to test him another twice today and maybe adjust his insulin doseage.

    I told him that i had found this wonderful JL forum and had learnt more from that than off the nurse who discharged us last week. They have never mentioned home testing kits so i asked and he's going to find out where i can get one.

    Thank-you for your interest and concern, i will keep you updated...
    Good job i am on holidays from work, i have been sitting up until the early hours, i think i am addicted to the JL forum!

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