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    I have been feeding Riley Canidae ALS for several months now supplemented with occasional raw meaty bones and canned EVO at least a few times a week. He seems to have gotten bored or sick of the Canidae, and there are days where he will only eat one meal (1 1/2 cups). I highly doubt this is enough food for him (he's 79 pounds and will turn a year on Sunday) and want him to enjoy what he is eating. So today at the store I compared a few different brands and went back and forth between Eagle Pack Holistic and Innova adult. I had been getting 20 lbs of Canidae for around $24 and can get 16.5 pounds of both EP and Innova for a few dollars more. I decided on the Innova. The ingredients looked a little better, and he really seems to like his occasional treat of the canned EVO. His daily amount of Canidae was right around 3 cups of food, so I am thinking he will need between 2 1/2-3 cups of the Innova since it is a little higher in calories/cup. Is that close for a starting point? I know I will need to base it on his needs, but it's hard for me to judge when I know he's not completely done filling out yet. He's tall and seems a bit lanky to me. For those of you who have experience with Innova, how do/did your dogs like it? Is around $25 a decent price for 16.5 pounds? Maybe I'm completely wrong in doing this, and the Canidae was fine to stick with. He seemed to do well on it with the exception of not always wanting to eat it when offered. I always worry so much about things concerning him, and this is no exception. :-\ Thanks to everyone in advance!

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    I just switched to Innova from Nutro during the recall. While it's probably too soon to see any major impacts, I couldn't be happier with how it's changed his stools and his coat. You were feeding a higher quality food than Nutro to start with though, so maybe the change wouldn't be so drastic. I have found that I've reduced the quantity of the Innova slightly. He gets just shy of 2 cups a day. (Neiko is 85 lbs and 6 years old). It sounds like you're in the right range from a growing dog. Also, I pay $44 for a 33lb bag but the smaller bag is always more expensive. Hope Riley likes it!

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    Don't fall into the trap of if "he doesn't gobble it down, he must be bored with it". Do you give him a time limit to eat? Do you allow him to walk away during a meal? If so, then you need to set the parameters of eating. My dogs are given 15 minutes to eat. If they walk away or decide to go play in that time, the bowls come up and they get nothing until they are fed again....and then they are only fed what was left from the last feeding.

    A healthy dog won't starve itself, but you are spoiling him by adding a lot of extras like canned to the bowl. 1 1/2c. in a day can be satisfying enought to sustain a dog. Rider only get's 2c. per day (1 in the morning and 1 at night) and my friend's dog only gets 1.5c a day split over 2 meals. My other friend's dogs get 1c. 1 times a day and both dogs are in excellent shape.

    It really depends on the dog. I would highly caution about trying to "beef" up your dog...that can quickly escalate into an overweight dog which is much harder to remedy. On the lean side is okay. He's still young and has some filling out to do...let him do it naturally.

    As for the Innova, I feed Rider EVO and Rookie the LBA. I love Innova, it's ingrediants and the qaulity of the food. I think it's a fine food with a good balance of things. But like I said earlier, quit adding extras and define your eating times to avoid "food fatigue".
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