Head shaking seizures - think we figured it out!
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Thread: Head shaking seizures - think we figured it out!

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    DefaultHead shaking seizures - think we figured it out!

    I think maybe we have figured out the trigger to Tugg's head shaking seizures! He started these probably a year or so ago. When they first started we visited the vet who did lab work and an exam and ruled out any metabolic causes, poisoning, etc. We opted to not treat them since they were just involving his head, didn't last long or occur that often - we decided, with the vet's blessing that the side-effects of the medication didn't out way the risks of the seizures at that point. As time has gone on he has continued to have these off and on. I think I figured out what the cause may be! Monday both dogs got Frontline Plus, something they have been treated with since puppies (this part of Oregon is flea country). Tuesday evening Tugg had one seizure, Wednesday he had two (one that was over 2 minutes), one Thursday and a long one again early this am. Got to thinking and realized that the last series of seizures occured shortly after Frontline too.......I called our vet who agreed that Frontline may indeed be the culpruit. She has seen a few dogs that have had this reaction. We are going to switch products and see. I am tempted to not use anything actually but worry since the dogs go to Day Care a couple days a week that no treatment may be a disaster in the flea department though. I'll look for a more "natural" treatment plan too. (cross posted to Health & Nutriton).

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    DefaultRe: Head shaking seizures - think we figured it out!

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    DefaultRe: Head shaking seizures - think we figured it out!

    So glad you got to the bottom of that! What a relief!

    Our chocolate boy experienced head "tremors" for one weekend, several years ago. Took him to two vets (one holistic) and neither could come up with any reason other then ideopathic seizure-type activity.

    We then spoke to one of the neighbors, and found that they had sprayed their yard with some sort of insecticide. I am certain that this is what caused Murphy's tremors.

    Murphy, Riley, and Piper


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