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    DefaultHip Displasia

    Dryf, who is 14, was at the vet's and she said he has mild displasia in the back end (his legs have been giving out for awhile now, no clue why I didn't even think of it!).

    She said it doesn't hurt him. Is this true?
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    DefaultRe: Hip Displasia

    Depends. Rider has mild displaysia in one hip and he isn't in pain and we compete in agility and other things. As long as it's managed, it shouldn't be a big deal.
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    DefaultRe: Hip Displasia

    I am sorry DI can't help with the pain issue sorry as I don't know degrees of H.D.

    Ernie is 5 with serious H.D. and has pain. He is managed with regular Pentosan injections, daily Metacm and excersies.

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    DefaultRe: Hip Displasia

    Did your vet take x-rays? Only way to truly diagnose HD.

    It could be arthritis and an x-ray will show that too.

    You will know if he is in pain by the way he moves, especially if he over does it running or playing.

    Many years ago I had a girl with HD and she would pace when her hips bothered her.

    go to www.dogaware.com under the arthritis section for info on natural supplements for pain. which should also work for HD if in fact that is what your dog has.

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    DefaultRe: Hip Displasia

    Dryf is doing great at 14 even if he has some mild HD/arthritis. At this point all you can do is manage it. Keep his weight down and don't let him overexert himself, even if he wants to. HD is a catch 22 ... too much exercise will cause pain/limping and not enough will cause weight gain. Swimming is great for HD dogs as the water 'supports' the body and takes weight off the joints. My old girl used to swim-bob around a 1/2ac. pond. Aquatic therapy. Glucosaime/chondroitin will help with joint support ,can also give etogesic asprin when he shows discomfort, tho be careful w/asprin ie liver. Remember, labs have a very high threshhold of pain.
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    DefaultRe: Hip Displasia

    She said it doesn't hurt him. Is this true?
    Possibly. Hip dysplasia in itself doesn't cause pain. It's the arthritis that can develop from malformed hips that results in pain. Until arthritis forms, most dogs have absolutely no symptoms which is why x-rays are the only way to detect it. Like Dani's Rider, Jes also has mild HD in one hip and with proper exercise and supplements he's still asymptomatic.


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