Can anal glands leak during sleep?
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Thread: Can anal glands leak during sleep?

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    DefaultCan anal glands leak during sleep?

    We have this happen every couple of months or so.....Colby will be sleeping, and he'll be engaged in one of those very active sleep dreams. He'll be making noises and moving all around. Then suddenly, he wakes up and starts licking his bottom, and there will be a small wet spot on his bed where his butt was! It has that strong fishy odor that everyone describes. Are his anal glands leaking while he's sleeping??


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    DefaultRe: Can anal glands leak during sleep?

    Yep. Expression of anal sacs can happen with excitement. Some of those doggy dreams seem to get pretty exciting. LOL ;D

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    DefaultRe: Can anal glands leak during sleep?

    I have a friend whose Weim is bad about that - they call 'em "butt juices," however. A slightly more crude description. But yeah, that unmistakable fishy odor can be pretty potent. For their dog, it's more pronounced when they arrive home and when he's sleeping.


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