Apples! How Poisonous?
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Thread: Apples! How Poisonous?

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    DefaultApples! How Poisonous?

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    I have resisted installing any kind of electric or physical fence. My goal is to train HK where the boundaries are before winter sets in so I can feel comfortable letting her out to take care of business without having to be there, maybe watching from windows. If I miss the goal for this winter, I will just have to brave the elements.

    I have run into a second problem and am looking for knowledge or help finding information. I have read the apple seeds are poisonous to dogs. Apparently contain some amount of cyanide. We have two apple trees and HK loves to eat the apples that fall to the ground or are lo hangers. I am amazed at how high she is choosing to jump for them. Okay, I had let her get away with this apple eating thing while the apples were smaller than the size of an old silver dollar. I figure the seeds were not yet developed. The apples are getting large enough that I am beginning to have concern. The seeds may be developing.

    Does anyone know how serious this poisoning risk is? I do not want to put HK in any kind of danger. I guess I am wondering if this is something like in order for there to be any negative effect from the cyanide in the apple seeds, the dog would have to eat a bushel of apple seeds, not apples but a bushel of the seeds, daily for 10 years. Or is the crushing and swallowing of a single seed enough?

    I have to make a decision on whether or not to cut down the two trees fairly quickly before the apples get any larger and we get a storm that knocks a large quantity of them to the ground.
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    DefaultRe: Apples! How Poisonous?

    This is news to me and a bit of a concern as I chop up an apple almost every day and throw it all around my backyard for KC (4 1/2 year old) to hunt out when I leave for work, no reaction at all - she loves them.
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    DefaultRe: Apples! How Poisonous?

    Relax, it's not a problem. Although it is true that apple seeds contain a small amount of cyanide, it is a very minute amount and encapsulated in in a hard outer seed casing. Apple seeds quickly pass through a dog's short digestive system without any effect. Even if you were to crush the seeds to expose the cyanide, you'd have to crush and feed a mugful to produce any significant reaction.

    I've been feeding apple cores to my labs for years without any problems.

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    DefaultRe: Apples! How Poisonous?

    They're just as poisonous to you as they are to your dog - if that puts it into perspective.

    As the previous poster mentioned, your dog would have to digest a lot, as well as chew up the seeds. Otherwise, they just pass right on through (like they're designed to do). The whole point of plants hiding seeds into nice fruit is so that animals will eat the fruit, and deposit the seeds a good distance away into a nice pile of fertilizer. It's a reproductive method of plants, and it wouldn't work so well if the "host" died.

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    DefaultRe: Apples! How Poisonous?

    I always give the dog the apple core. They have an apple most days.

    I read the seeds were poisonous too.


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