When is food quality not good enough?
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Thread: When is food quality not good enough?

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    DefaultWhen is food quality not good enough?

    So even though I have bought a puppy food already... I have been researching dog foods maybe looking for something that is less expensive but still quality food. I have been reading www.dogfoodanalysis.com I understand where they get their ratings, but at what point do you say.. this food isn't good enough.

    Do you only accept foods that are grain free?
    Do you only accept foods that are have no "meals"?
    High kcal/cup?

    I just don't know where the cut off is for me. My breeder said she feeds a mid grade food with certain protein content (I don't remember the food name). But she recommended I don't run out and just buy the most expensive food. I agree, but at which point is the food not good enough?

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    DefaultRe: When is food quality not good enough?

    You should feed what your breeder feeds. Less stressful on the pup. Then you assess at around 5 months what type of adult food to switch to...keeping with the same brand or switching to something else. Your dog will aid in that.

    I don't think that higher price means right for your dog. I think ingredients are the most important factor. I do spend $40 on 33 lbs of food for my 4 year old...but he needs a high protein food...and high protein usually comes as a grain free food. It works for Rider...but we tried a few different other formulas for a while first.

    As for Rookie, I kept him on the same food my breeder was feeding (Eukanuba LBP) for the first 6 weeks...and then I wanted to switch him over to the Innova line (which makes EVO) because I like the lower grain and I like the company (plus for every 10 bags you buy, you get one free)...he was on Innova LBP up until 10 days ago. He's in the process of switching from puppy to adult to help slow down his growth because he's not even 6 months and already 60 lbs, and having some limping on an off.

    For now, I would recommend staying with the breeder recommendation. THey know their pups the best.
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    DefaultRe: When is food quality not good enough?

    I agree with feeding what the breeder feeds when you first bring your pup home. Once he adjusts to the new surroundings, if there is a need to switch food-either because pup has problems with it or its not good quality food, do it slowly.

    I stay away from corn, wheat, soy, and look for a protein "meal" such as chicken meal as first ingredient. And I feed around 28% prot. to growing pups to age 5 or 6 months then switch to adult at around 26% protein.


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