Update on my dog Corona
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Thread: Update on my dog Corona

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    DefaultUpdate on my dog Corona

    I posted Sunday about my Lab Corona. she's been on the meds since Saturday afternoon. She is still playing with us when we go out, going for her walks, playing with the dog next door. But she still isn't as energetic as she was before. she stays sleepy the rest of the time. She is eating and drinking great, going to the bathroom well and it's not diarrhea. Sneezing isn't as bad, but yesterday about 3 times she sounded like she had a furball. Could this be Kennel cough? Her bumps on her chin aren't looking any better either. They bleed twice yesterday afternoon when i got home. but i think she hit her chin on something. I think I will give it till tomorrow and if it's still not better or she is getting worse with the furball, I will take her to the vet Thursday afternoon. Great first experience with boarding huh? >

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    DefaultRe: Update on my dog Corona

    Sounds like kennel cough!

    If/when you do take her to the vet, either call ahead and let them know you have a dog that might have KC, or leave her in the car until they have a room ready for you... just so the other dogs in the waiting room don't catch it!

    Hope she's feeling 100% soon!

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    DefaultRe: Update on my dog Corona

    The coughing sounds like KC I would try to keep her away from the neighbor dog if you can so they don't catch it as well. The bumps on her chin could be canine acne.
    they look kind of like this

    but sometimes they can actually get a "head" and pop and bleed. If they are I would consult your vet about getting some antibiotics to avoid infection. Mocha had them when she was about 2 several people told me to switch to stainless steel bowls that plastic can harbor bacteria and causes the acne. I switched and never saw another bump after the ones she had healed.


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