poppy's got a lump.
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Thread: poppy's got a lump.

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    Defaultpoppy's got a lump.

    i was just giving poppy some fuss and I've found a lump under her right eye, well about 1cm below it, its about half a pea size and its round, the skin isn't red and she still has fur on it, its hard to the touch and doesn't seem to bother her, its in the soft part under her eye so it moves, I'm pretty worried. you hear so many horror stories.....what do you think i should do?

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    DefaultRe: poppy's got a lump.

    I'd have the vet check it out. Most of the time things like this are not a problem. But paying the vet to check it out is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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    DefaultRe: poppy's got a lump.

    I would probably watch it for a few days if it doesn't change or gets bigger I would see about having the vet take a look.


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