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    hi all
    how come bandits ears always gets what looks like black wax in them? we took him to the vet his ear
    was infected and she gave us some cream to put in them. but now about once a week there is a lot
    of black stuff in them. he does not go swimming just plays under the sprinkler once in a while. is this

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    Food can play a big part in ear infections. Wheat or corn can cause problems. Avoid foods that have those ingredients. I feed a grain-free diet and never have ear problems.

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    Bo had pretty icky ears when we first got him and it took several months of various earwash, creme and even systemic antibiotic (or maybe it was anti-fungal, I don't remember) to get them healthy. I am feeding him canidae, which doesn't have corn or wheat, and clean his ears out about monthly (when I remember) to make sure he doesn't get infected again. So far so good.
    And no, I wouldn't think black looking wax is normal. Check back with your vet.


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