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    I have been reading this board for a few weeks now, learned a lot of interesting stuff. I have a 11 week old black lab pup who got Giardia at 10 weeks. I was wondering if she will develope an immunity because of this. I heard that eventually they are less susceptible to it as they get older, but was wondering if since she got it if it should still be something i should worry about in the short term when I start swimming her? I know they have a vaccination for it, but I really don't want to give my dog any more vaccinations than is needed, especially if its something that will be taken care of on its own from getting it.
    Thanks for any opinions.

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    DefaultRe: Giardia immunity

    I am the Giardia Queen. I deal with it all the time here.

    Yes, generally the dog stops showing symptoms. Once you have it you have it though. Usually it will show up again when the dog is under stress. I only treat for symptoms anymore. Most of the stool samples I take in show giardia, but if the dog isn't showing signs, then we ignore it.

    I wouldn't get the vaccine either. When it first came out and I asked my vet about it, he laughed. Good enough for me.


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    DefaultRe: Giardia immunity

    Yup, Laura is the Ghiardia queen. Rider got it a couple of years a go and now, whenever I mess with his routine or something, the stress makes it flare up from time to time. Rookie also had it as a pup while still with his litter. Each time Rider has had a flare's not been as bad as the first time he had it.
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