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    DefaultFirst Aid Kits

    With Nala getting active and being outside alot I would like to get a first aid kit for nala for the house and maybe a smaller one for when we travel on the weekends. My question is what should I get to put in them? We go to the lake or the beach on the weekends and she is starting to do alot of swimming. At the lake she is both in the water and in the woods. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

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    DefaultRe: First Aid Kits

    I bought a dog first aid kit at Gander Mountain. But you could make your own too. Mine has bandages, EMT gel, neosporin & I put in a pair of tweezers for removing any foreign objects if I have too.
    I'm sure others will add other things I forgot to mention.

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    DefaultRe: First Aid Kits

    I suggest you look at page 2 of Dweck's "Our best advice" thread:,1694.25.html

    On that I list and describe two books on dog health (Giffin & Carlson's "Dog Owners Home Veterinary Handbook" and Bruce Fogle's "First Aid for Dogs"). Both would be good things to have along. Both books have lists of ingredients for a first aid kit. G&C have about 80 pages of first aid information, Fogle has several hundred.

    What's best to have in a first aid kit is somewhat dependent on where you go and what types of dangers are most likely to be met.

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    DefaultRe: First Aid Kits

    Sometimes your better off buying a kit than making one. You can pay 2-4 times more just trying to build you own.

    Mine is pretty small, but I tend to travel around with enough dog people that I have never been without. I need to upgrade mine. I also have things that are not listed like my own orals like metronidazole, cephalexin, Benadryl & amoxicillin and more.
    Some day I plan to build me one with everything because I have yet to see one with everything LOL It is an ongoing process. Just when you think you've got what you need you have a mishap and realize you don't.


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