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Thread: salt water and Labs

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    Just moved to the Puget Sound area in WA state and took my Lab out for a swim. She swallowed a little bit of water? I figure thats normal but when we got home she started to lose her kibble and has been eating Grass? Vet vissit or just keep an eye on her? Is it the salt water?

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    I would say it is almost definitly the salt water upsetting her stomach. Even if she just swallowed a little.

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    My girls will vomit after swimming in the ocean if they drink alot of saltwater. Offer plenty of fresh water. Our older lab has learned not to gulp or drink it & she has been fine. Our young one still has notlearned..."no drink" & will gleefully gupl the water in her excitement & then will promptly throw up when she gets out. :
    Both are fine once they get it out of their systems.


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