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    DefaultHelp with name?

    Hi everybody. I have seen a few posts a while back where a few people asked for help with naming their Lab. I was wanting to know if anybody had any suggestions for me. I want to get Ranger registered through the AKC and can't come up with a complete name for him. He is 7 months old and 63.2 pounds He was just neutered (2 weeks ago) and does not have to have any kennel or breeder name in his name. I want Ranger in his name somewhere. Any ideas? I will try and get an updated photo in photo bucket to post later. (I have tons of photos on my digital camera, just haven't loaded them to be able to post them) He is in my signature and my avatar.

    Thanks in advance! Tina

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    Defaultoops, sorry wrong area! I'll repost

    Sorry, forgot what area I was in last

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    DefaultRe: Help with name?

    Is he named after a certain type of Ranger (army, forest, tv show)? What are your hobbies/interests?

    Army Ranger motto is "Rangers lead the way". You could change it to be "Ranger leads the way"


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