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Thread: limping?

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    About two weeks ago, we took out chocolate lab (female, will be 2 in September) to the vet because she had been limping on her right front leg for about 2 weeks. It seemed to be worse when she got up from laying on it for awhile. We could not recall anything significant happening.

    She is very tall and weighs 65 pounds, so she is not overweight at all. She is extremely active (as most labs are) and swims nearly every other day, runs free, play with other dogs, and goes on long hikes in the parks in our area.

    The vet said that nothing was broke and gave her a shot of Depo-Medrol 20mg. He then said that if she continued to limp, then he would order x-rays.

    Everything seemed to be fine. Then last Friday, I got a call from Daycare at 8:30 am (I dropped her off at 7:30 am), that Puddy was not herself at all. She was not playing with the other dogs, playing ball, or swimming. She just wanted to lay around. The guy also said that when he touched her back right hip, she would wimper and she seemed to be limping on it. They thought I should take her to the vet. She was fine when I dropped her off.

    I picked her up in the afternoon and took her to the vet. He again examined her and thought nothing was wrong. He gave her Rimadyl 100mg, split the pill in half and give two times per day.

    That night she seemed fine and we took her camping and canoeing that weekend and she was fine.

    What is going on all of a sudden??? Should she been on some sort of preventitive? Should I insist on tests and if so what? Thanks

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    DefaultRe: limping?

    Hi Tiffany-- we are going through something very similar with our 7 month old lab. She was going through stretches where she was limping slightly after she got up from lying down, but she would eventually walk it off. We thought it might just be growing pains. However, over the last few days it has gotten worse. She now favors her front right leg and limps all the time.

    I'm not sure where you're from and if deer ticks are prevalant, but you may want to have your vet test for Lyme Disease. That was what the vet thought our girl had based on similar symptoms. They're still trying to determine what's the problem with our puppy, but if that is what it is in your case, it's very treatable with antibiotics.

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    DefaultRe: limping?

    I agree with testing for Lyme but you may want to x-ray first to rule anything else out.

    also see the info on LaurenH thread regarding false negatives with Lyme testing.,49970.0.html

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    DefaultRe: limping?

    I'd be seeing a vet who is good at orthopedics, personally. An xray is certainly in order. Labs have very high incidence of elbow dysplasia, and to a lesser degree, shoulder OCD. Giving the dog Rimadyl will just mask the problem and it could get worse. Certain things bounce me right out of my chair immediately w/ my pups, and limping is one of them! The xray will at least give you peace of mind. Good luck. -Anne

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