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    Defaultlab stiffness

    My senior lab has some stiffness in the past few days. I suspect she is getting arithiris in the hind legs as she has trouble sometimes getting into the van.

    She takes l hydroxyzine a day. I was thinking of giving her a coated aspirin per day to see if this helps.

    Our regular vet is away and want to wait till he gets back.

    Do you know if a dog can take the antihistamine and a aspirin in the same day?? THanks

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    DefaultRe: lab stiffness

    As long as there is no asprin in the antihistimine, I dont see why it should be a problem .. But I am not a vet

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    DefaultRe: lab stiffness

    Hi doses of vit. C to bowel tollerance can help with arthritis. Vit.C helps the adrenal gland to produce natural anti-inflamatories.

    Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements as well.

    DLPA, Done Gone Pain. Go to the arthritis section in this link for lots of help.

    Be sure she is on a high enough protein to help her maintaine muscle mass as she is going to need it being less active and having the arthritis.

    I would not recommend combining the 2 drugs you mention - probably wouldn't be a problem but I would check with a vet.

    Arthritis will be worse in the cold weather so keeping her warm will help.

    light to moderate exercise will also help as it will help her to maintain muscle mass.

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    DefaultRe: lab stiffness

    You may want to give MSM a try. Some of the glucosamine/chondroitin formulas have it in it, but I buy the powder/granules from our feed store and give ~1000mg per day to my dogs and a little more to myself (bad back). YOu'll want to start out w/ giving it 2x/day at first, then scale back to 1x after a week of "loading" the system. It is a sulfur source, as safe as water. The dog excretes what he doesn't use. -Anne

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014

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    DefaultRe: lab stiffness

    If you have a Vitamin World in your area there is a product I take for myself and give to Oona called Joint Soother. It has MSM, Glucosamine, and Condroitin in it. Vitamin World has a special for members (no cost) where they have a Buy One Get One policy for the first three days of the month.


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