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Thread: dandruff???

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    Hi everyone,
    I am having a problem with Harley. He has really bad dry skin. He is in the water outside alot and it is drying out his skin. I am wondering other than dandruff and oatmeal baths, is there anything else that I could use on him. I am looking for home remedies ( if any). I am keeping him from the water more. He is shedding alot of hair as well but i think this goes with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Tammy & Harley

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    I know alot of us including myself use fish oil cap.s, just put one in their food everyday, actually I poke it and put it on the food. Sammi also gets sardines usually once every wk. or so. Seems to help alot with the dandruff. What kind of food do you feed him?

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    Harley has alot of allergies,we were a whole year trying to find a food that he didn't have a reaction to. We had him on most vet foods but to no avail didn't help. He has been on dog chow now for the last year and he is doing well, but now we have just come into this problem. I will try the sardine though. Thanks for your input.

    Tammy &


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