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    Hi all, Jessis has these sores, no blood no redness. She has been on the same foood for over 6 months and no fleas, like she was scratching for a while today. They kinda just look dryand yellowish scabs (like cradle cap ) what can I put on her to help.

    I would post a pic but don't know how.

    Also can labs blow their coat twice in a season?

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    DefaultRe: Sores on chest

    it could be a number of things but you may want to get a skin scrape done so that the problem doesnt spread or become worse in the future. It could be anything from a mild form of mange to yeast or bacterial infection. there are different medicated shampoos for each problem. good luck
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    DefaultRe: Sores on chest

    Molly had small bumps, scabs on her belly & it was a staph infection. The vet put her on antibiotics & it cleared right up. Hope your girl gets hers cleared up too.


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