They've really slowed down, why?
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Thread: They've really slowed down, why?

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    DefaultThey've really slowed down, why?

    Since being on raw ALL 3 of my pups have really slowed down, is that normal?
    like now their just content with taking a snooze on their pillows or just curling up with a bone and chewing on it all day long. It's so weird! Am i just not feeding them enough? im confused!

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    DefaultRe: They've really slowed down, why?

    I suspect that it is probably normal (feeding raw can make your dog/s go through BIG changes) but what and how much are you feeding them?

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    DefaultRe: They've really slowed down, why?

    i dont give them as much in the mornings because my boyfriend and I go to work and i dont want them to get an upset tummy when were gone(ill up their amounts when they finally get adjusted)
    Morning: Chicken leg, or leg with half the thigh(i buy whole chickens then cut them up)
    About 2 or 3 ounces of veggie mix/mush
    one egg, cracked, shell and all
    Night: Chicken Hind quarter(their HUGE, lol)
    closer to 4 or 5 ounces of veggie mix/muss
    one egg


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