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    Since i have just recently just started posting on this forum again many of you dont know that Corona, my yellow lab has a minor protein deficiency, average-food allergies, and the vet and I now believe she may have some seasonal allergies as well.
    The vet put her on a special hypo-allergenic dog food and was actually pooping, which before we found all this out, she wasnt.
    But after a month and half or so on this food she begain itching and scratching any chance she got. She was also chewing on her toe NAILS, not the pads or anything...just the nails.
    well i recently switched all the pups to raw, i espcially was looking forward to this transition for corona because i just want her to be completely healthy.
    For about a month now(while on hypo-allergenic kibble) she began loosing MASS amounts of fur. which she already shedded her winter coat but just kept shedding. Yesterday i noticed the insides of her thighs are becoming very bare and around her hind leg...knee cap area and up close to the underside of her belly, there is practically NO fur at all.
    When i brush her, her fur no longer sticks to the brush, it just rolls off her back and onto the floor.
    I guess i am just wondering if anyone has gone through this and can give any advice. Do you think being on raw will help?
    In the 2 full days she's been on raw she has completely stopped itching and scratching so that i am extremely happy with. She is still slightly chewing on her nails but not as often.
    anyone have any experience with this?
    thanks in advance!
    Tonya & 3C's

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    DefaultRe: Corona health question!

    sorry to hear of your dogs problems can't really help diet wise but glad your diet change is working. Our black lab has dermatitis and is allergic to grass and she goes exactrly as you discribed. Shes never had hair on her belly ever since a pup her skin over the years has thickened and darken down to black so not so noticable. she went almost bald one year in the summer our vets were treating with steriods but that was a temporary relief and then when the steroids wore off she got worse than she was before. we had a change for her sister moved into a caravan at work and dog went with her shes now not exposed to grass very mildly, and very limited exposer to carpet, shes still itchy but shes not half as bad also we changed her food and shes now on the favour chicken and rice dry food and shes in fantastic order we refuse to give her any drugs and been off them for about three years and she has a very thick full coat. hope she grows all her hair back soon and the change in diet works.

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    DefaultRe: Corona health question!

    What was the food she was on that the vet recommended and what are the ingredients?

    Sounds like the raw is helping and thats great. If the ingred. in the kibble were the cause of her problems it can take some time for her body to be rid of it all. Hopefully your continuing with the raw will clear her up completely.

    I had a dog with horrible allergies to corn years ago and stay away from it and wheat, soy, etc.


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