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    Does anyone have a picture of their dog's nails at a good length? I have been trying to keep Riley's cut short enough that they don't cause problems, and he lets me with minimal fussing. I have been just taking off the ends about once a week, but it seems like the more I look at them, the shorter I want them. I'm not sure if they really are fine and I'm just so used to seeing them that they seem this way or what. I definitely don't need them super short for any cosmetic reasons, but I do want them to be at a comfortable length and try to avoid problems or splaying. Maybe every dog is different, and his nails are fine for him? Not really sure; he's the only one I've ever been responsible for. Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is a silly thing to worry seems like I worry about just about everything concerning him. :

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    If you are trimming every week I think the nails are probably at a good length already. You don't want them too short because they do use them for gripping. You also don't want them too long. I know...that was helpful wasn't it. Basically the nail's quick will determine how short you can go. Murray is a rescue who has very long nails. I may never get his nails as short as I would like. Essy has always had her nails done so hers are short. I don't have any pictures of my dogs' nails but I'm sure someone on this forum probably has photos of their dog.

    DoberDawn has a website about dremelling nails which might be helpful. She has photos showing her dog's nails towards the bottom of the page.

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    see the first images of this thread,29958.25.html


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