Weird - cleaning eachothers ears...
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Thread: Weird - cleaning eachothers ears...

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    DefaultWeird - cleaning eachothers ears...

    Hello fellow lab lovers--

    It's been a while since I've posted but my boys have thrown me another question that I again don't have an answer to. We have two labs, both a year old in may. I have noticed that lately my chocolate lab has been torturing my yellow lab while he's trying to sleep by flipping his ears and licking inside of them. I've heard of dogs cleaning eachother but my yellow really seems to be annoyed by it and he snaps back at my chocolate and growls. My chocolate will stop for a little while and then go right back at it. Is this normal? I don't know what to do with it other than to just let Jake really get Goliath good so he'll hopefully learn not to do it anymore. Could Goliath be sensing something with Jakes ears? I just can't figure out why he's doing it if he knows Jake can't stand it lol


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    DefaultRe: Weird - cleaning eachothers ears...

    I'd have Jake's ears checked. When mine do that to each other there is usually yeast or something inside.


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    DefaultRe: Weird - cleaning eachothers ears...

    Ditto what Laura said! Often the smell of an unhealthy ear will attract attention of other dogs. Have those ears checked.


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