Crazy itching!!!!
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    Hey everyone, I discovered about 2 days ago, an encrusted area about the size of a quarter some what raised, mostly hairless, and with a funky odor, where Jager has been scratching himself with his hind legs, the location is 7" under his muzzle, above his chest area and along the side of his neck. And as of today I discovered he is itching the other side (just started) I've been treating the area's with a cleansing of antibacterial soap, peroxide, and bactracin/anti-itch cream about 3 times a day, he seems to be licking himself a whole lot lately also, There have been changes also and I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, I recently switched him from Pedigree(adult) to Beniful (coat) also my stepson and girlfriend have moved in temporarily (i hope!) they have a small dog named Coco she is a Yorkshire terrier. Anyway Jager is just over a year, and I have never seen him do this before.

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    Sounds like a hot spot to me.

    Start by trimming the hair around the spot. If you have the means to treat it at home it will save you a trip to the vets. Otherwise, it is best to go to your veterinarian and get some healing cream.


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