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Thread: itching/scratching

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    My 10 month old lab, Jake has really started scratching quite a bit in the last few weeks. I have just changed him to Adult food (Science Diet--Nature's Best with real Beef), he was eating the puppy version prior. Could the food be the problem, has anyone else had similar issues with this food? If it is the food, what food would you suggest? TIA
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    DefaultRe: itching/scratching

    It could be a lot of things including the food. I'm not a Science Diet fan at all but I can't say for sure it's the food. If that's the only thing you've changed recently I would try to change to something else preferably avoiding corn, wheat, and soy in the ingredients. You can also try adding some fish oil to his food it helps the skin and coat.

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    DefaultRe: itching/scratching

    I have a 4 year old female lab with food and inhalant allergies. They started when she was about 9 months old. She will scratch until she brings blood and she chews on her feet and legs as well. She also gets bad ear infections. We have been through steroid treatments, prescription diets, medicated shampoos, you name it. We tried her on Canidae, which helped some, but it really upset her stomach. Right now, I'm feeding her Natural Balance Potato and Duck. She still scratches but not as bad as before. Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: itching/scratching

    Could be fleas?

    Give capstar - its safe...take him to another house when you give it. If the itching stops in 6-8 hours, then its probably fleas.

    Do you use frontline plus? K9 Advantix is not nearly as good with fleas.

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    DefaultRe: itching/scratching

    Personally I would be sure it is fleas before giving any type of flea meds.

    Look at the ingred. in the food. I agree with staying away from, corn, soy, wheat, etc. as posted. If I remember correctly Science diet has quite a bit of corn.

    Ingred. are listed by weight so the first ingred. are mostly what the food is made up of.

    Fish oil is a good suggestion. Be sure to give fish body oil not liver oil (such as cod liver).

    apple cider viniger can also help some dogs with itching and hi doses of vit. C (to bowel tolerance).

    Check the food first and if you consider a change try that first - then go from there. After checking for fleas of course.


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