Help!!! I think I have allergies
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Thread: Help!!! I think I have allergies

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    DefaultHelp!!! I think I have allergies

    My baby boy (6 months old--65 lbs) has allergies I think. I don't know what else they could be. This is my first puppy I am at a loss for what to do. About a month ago I noticed one of Mookie's ears was very red on the inside and seemed to be bothering him a bit so I took him to the Vet. They gave me some steroids, and some drops to put in his ears. After I would say two weeks of giving him the meds and drops in the ear the redness went away, but just the other day I noticed his ear getting a little pink again.

    Last wednesday he diarrhea so I started him on the rice and beef diet and it seemed to help it out. but I went away this weekend and had someone watching my baby at my house I forgot to tell them to feed him the rice and beef in the fridge so I figured that they just fed him his usual food (eukanuba for large breeds). When we got home we saw that in between his toes were bright red and so was his ear and the diarrhea was back. He was rubbing his ear on the ground and bitting/licking his paws. I didn't know what to do and because it was Sunday night, I didn't know who to call. I went online and saw that you can give benadryl for allergies so I gave him one. I felt horrible because he just layed around all night (usually he is insanely hyper), but when I woke up this morning, everthing was only slightly pink instead of bright red. I gave him a half of a pill today so that he isn't just doped up again but I don't know what else to do.

    Does this sound like allergies to anyone? We haven't changed food or anything so I don't know what else this could be. I know the itching and stuff could be allergies, but what about the diarrhea. ANY help or information would be greatly appreciated. I love my baby and want to make him feel better.

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    DefaultRe: Help!!! I think I have allergies

    6 months is pretty young for allergies and true food allergies are rare in dogs. My dogs don't do well on Eukanuba either once they get to be about 4 months. I have no idea why, but that's the age mine start itching if they're on that food. You might think of changing.


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    DefaultRe: Help!!! I think I have allergies

    What are the ingredients in your dog food? Some dogs will have allergeis to corn, wheat, soy........

    Also, how long were you feeding the meat and rice? This is not a balanced diet for long term feeding.

    The fact that your pup had a flair up while you were away - check and be sure if they fed the kibble food - sounded like you were guessing since you didn't tell them about the meat and rice - sounds to me like it may very well be the food.

    I went thru this with a corn allergy years ago.

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    DefaultRe: Help!!! I think I have allergies

    My puppy is just 5 months old (tomorrow) and we are at the tail end (no pun intended) of figuring out a food sensitivity as well. If you've checked with the vet and your puppy is cleared of any type of parasite and/or illness try switching the food. We switched to something with no corn, no wheat, and no by-products. Knock on wood she's been fine for 3 days now.

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    DefaultRe: Help!!! I think I have allergies

    I agree, find a kibble that has no corn, soy or wheat (common "problem" grains) and see how that works. Nature's Variety is one that I KNOW has none of those grains.


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