intestinal adhesions - any info please
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Thread: intestinal adhesions - any info please

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    Defaultintestinal adhesions - any info please

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with intestinal adhesions? My dog had surgery last week to remove what appeared to be a partial blockage (from ingesting something). But when they went in, they discovered that she hadn't swallowed anything unusual, but she did have intestinal adhesions, including one area where a segment of her small intestine was looped and lost circulation (black, dead tissue) so about a foot was removed. Other adhesions were also found and removed. She is recovering well and I am taking her tomorrow to have stitches removed and ask some questions....

    A year and a half ago (she is 3 1/2 now) she had surgery to remove some bits of plastic frisbee tubing that she had chewed on a month prior. I found most of the frisbee chewed up, she passed some plastic over the next days and I thought she was fine. A month later she was sick, vomiting, hospitalized, and was operated on - at which time we realized it was plastic pieces from that frisbee.

    From what I understand, its possible that these adhesions developed as a result of her previous surgery.

    I am wondering if anyone has experience with this. Any ideas of what can be done to minimize the risk of developing more adhesions (special diet or changing exercise)? I am going to ask the vet tomorrow, but would like to hear from anyone else.

    Thanks so much for any info/experience you have!

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    DefaultRe: intestinal adhesions - any info please

    No experience with a dog, but my mom is in the hospital now with 2 more feet of colon being removed due to adhesions cutting off part of her small intestine and causing the problem. She just had the same surgery 2 months ago. She had 5 surgeries when she was a teenager due to adhesions. They grow from scar tissue after surgeries. Nothing you can do but pray that where they grow isn't in a spot to wrap an intestine and cause a blockage. I hate to say it cuz I hated to hear it from my mom's doc, but it CAN happen again. Hope your pup is recovering nicely.

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    DefaultRe: intestinal adhesions - any info please

    Yes, anytime you have invasive surgery, you run the risk of adhesions developing. They usually don't cause any problem. Other times they do. I've had three abdominal surgeries. When they went to do my hysterectomy the surgeon severed my uterine artery because it was embedded in adhesions and not where it was supposed to be. I almost bled to death. They were doing the hysterectomy vaginally. This makes it harder to see things that are out of place. They had to stop, put everything back, and open me up and do a regular hysterectomy.

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