symetrical hair loss on both flanks
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Thread: symetrical hair loss on both flanks

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    Defaultsymetrical hair loss on both flanks

    I have a 18 month old black lab, annabell, other wise very healthy and energentic, but has symetrical bald patches about 5 to 6" long about 3 to 4" high, where there is no hair, not even foliciles. We have done thyroid testing, kidney function and blood tests with no results-can any one help ? she does not scratch this area !!

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    DefaultRe: symetrical hair loss on both flanks

    Have you considered getting the opinion from a veterinary dermatologist? It would be very unusual for a dog to have that type of hair loss without any hair follicles present.

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    DefaultRe: symetrical hair loss on both flanks

    Hmmm, that is an interesting question. Symetrical alopecia is most often associated with endocrine disorders but it sounds like you have already done at least some testing for that.
    Has your vet considered Seasonal Flank Alopecia?
    It is most common in spayed females who live in the more northern latitudes but also can't be ruled out for southern dogs.
    Can you tell us any more about the hair loss and any possible associated symptoms?


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