Chigger Bites?
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Thread: Chigger Bites?

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    DefaultChigger Bites?

    My boy Rufus was with his Grandparents all last week in Houston. He was outside in their backyard alot more than he is at home. He was able to play with his cousin Chuy all week. We brought him home today, and he has red bites all over his tummy. Any ideas on what this could be? Ive never seen this before. Im taking him to the doc tomorrow to get his diarrehea checked out, but Id like to know what yall think.
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    DefaultRe: Chigger Bites?

    sounds like they could be
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    DefaultRe: Chigger Bites?

    Puff gets red bumps over her belly but not from chiggers -- it's a Pyoderma (skin infection) caused by staphylococcus bacteria.

    It's treated by an oral antibiotic followed by some topical medicated shampoo (benzoyl peroxide) periodically given to keep it in check.

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    DefaultRe: Chigger Bites?

    I'm not sure what the bugs are, but we have them here terribly. They bite me, they bite the dogs and leave red marks all over their bodies. Then the bugs congregate around the windows and doors and when I squish them they are full of blood. Nasty things and we get them every spring.


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    DefaultRe: Chigger Bites?

    Your subject line says Chigger bites. I had never heard of these until last night. My neighbor (in NJ) has friends visiting from Virginia and they have them.

    They put clear nail polish on the bite as it blocks the flow or air to the Chigger. They tell me this teeny tiny beatle like bugs burrow under the skin and lay eggs. The lack of air from nail polish kills them and their eggs.

    Its awful creepy if you ask me.

    Not sure about nail polish on a dog. Check with the vet. I don't think it would be harmful to a dog.


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