Bob Pr or anyone-- more detail on skin rash
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Thread: Bob Pr or anyone-- more detail on skin rash

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    DefaultBob Pr or anyone-- more detail on skin rash

    "Puff's pink belly had some red splotches and darker areas I'd thought were mud but they didn't wash off."

    My JRT gets extremely itchy, particularly after swimming in the creek. Being so low to the ground and rough grass and water weeds, etc. we have problems with this every year. And are having it now. She has very little hair on her underside. This year I have not seen the little red bump rash, but have in the past. However she did have some red blotches that almost looked under the skin surface.

    What I really want to ask about the 'mud' is whether it was in patches or if it just looked 'dirty'. Halle's tummy skin and armpits appear to be very dry and get a dirty look that reminds me of peeling skin like after a sunburn. Her tummy looks dirty, but not necessarily like splashed with mud. Does this sound like what you experienced? I will try to get a picture, but not sure if a 'stay' on her backside means the same as right side up.

    I have not taken her to the vet this year but have in the past and basically he gave me Animax to put on it. It does not seem to help much.

    Also, do you have any idea what vet school is the 'guru' of allergies? Not sure if this is an infection or an allergy.

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    DefaultRe: Bob Pr or anyone-- more detail on skin rash

    Puff's "muddy splotches" were actually scabs over what had previously been red splotches.

    I think in addition to using the Benzoyl Peroxide topically on the affected spots that two things that also helped alot were:

    -- flushing the area with fresh clean water by swimming in a lake (to flush off the shampoo) and

    -- thoroughly drying the area after swimming.

    I'm not sure why you'd need the guru of VetMed Tchng Hospitals. Why not start with what you have within driving distance? MSU at Lansing, MI, has one -- why not start there?

    My hunch -- without seeing it -- is that it's a pyoderma/staph infection.
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