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Thread: UTI's???

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    I have a 15month old femal yellow with what I believe to be a Urinary tract infection.. I noticed something about a week or so ago, when she squat to pee allot with little success, but she'd also have regular sized pee's too. The constat squatting kind of went away, so we didn't take her in. But it is back with a vengence.. Since it's sunday we can't take her in to the Vet. We are taking her in tomorrow to get it cleared up.. Is there anything I can do for her today? We were going to go to the park for mother's day today, would it hurt anything if she came to? She'd be bummed out if she couldn't go, she loves the park.. I feel so bad for her...

    Update.. I just saw a spot she was laying on a blanket and it had a little discharge and a tiny splotch of blood in it...Should she need emergency care, or can this wait for first thing tomorrow???

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    There's not anything you can do for her other than take her out a lot. It won't hurt her to go to the dog park. But you need to get her into the vet first thing in the morning because its very painful and if there is a blockage it could become more severe. Your vet will probably poo poo this but Oona had three UTI's before she was a year old. They stopped when I started adding a tablespoon of plain yogurt to her food once a day.
    good luck

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    Cranberry capsules work great to ward off UTIs. I also check my dogs urine PH weekly when we have recurring UTI issues. When PH is high I double up on the crancaps and re-check in a week.


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