question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy
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Thread: question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

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    Defaultquestion about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

    hi all,
    i'm a newbie and i'm so glad i found this forum. i brought my 9 week old black lab male puppy home 13 days ago and after the 2nd day of having him home i noticed traces of blood and mucous in his bowel movement. the breeder gives a 10 day health warranty and 1 year hip dysplasia warranty. i called the breeder and he agreed to pay for the lab tests and medication until the coccidia is cleared up. i went to the vet on the 3rd day with a stool sample and sure enough he had coccidia. i just finished a 10 day dosage of albon and went back to the vet with another stool sample this morning. my pup still has traces of the coccidia in him so the vet gave me another 10 day larger dosage of albon with instuctions to come back in 11 days. can anyone relate?
    my food question- i bought a bag of nature's variety and a couple cans of it as well when i bought the dog because that is what the breeder has been feeding him. the dry and cans are both the "all life stages formula. after having the puppy for a few days and having to deal with cleaning up the horrible mess that you call his bowel movement i read on another website that adding a little canned pumkin to his dry food would tighten up his BM. it helped a little bit and made his bm more pudding like.. then i tried a little rice but the pumkin worked better. so then i was in petco a few days later and was about to buy a bag of science diet LBP food when i started to chat with a guy in the store who had his Welmaner pippy with him. he said his dog was having the same problems as my dog( coccidia and diarrhea) and his vet told him to stop the royal canin food he was using and switch to Iams puppy chow and in 2 days his puppy's bm was firm. i put the science diet back and grabbed the Iams LBP food. i switched to the Iams over about 5 days and for the past 2 days he's eaten just the Iams ( no pumkin) and his BM is !00% better
    I haven't given him any canned food since the 2nd day of having him home thinking it would worsen the diarrhea. prior to finding this forum 2 days ago i figured on using the Iams LBP until i switch to adult food. i haven't read one good thing about Iams on this forum which worries me a bit. if not Iams, then which food should i use? what food do you recommend that can be bought at either petco or petsmart? i've seen good comments on innova and candiae but where do you buy it? i'd rather not have to go to some obscure petshop to just buy dogfood.
    do they make canned food for large breeds? i havent seen any. i bought a couple cans of pedigree puppy food from walmart when i was buying my crate and other pet supplies. is it ok to mix the in with a quality dry LBP food?
    any comments, help, tips would be greatly appreciated. i'll post some pics of my pup named " Storm" as soon as i look into how to download them.

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    DefaultRe: question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

    Did this breeder send this dog home knowing he had coccidia? Also, a 1-year hip dysplasia guarantee is questionable. OFA does not certify dogs until 2 years of age.

    As far as the food, if Iams is working for you, then keep using it, especially since you've had problems before. Some dogs don't do well on richer foods.

    Also, with the stress of a new home and such, now is not a good time to get on the food rollercoaster.

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    DefaultRe: question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

    i too have a pup, my gus is 6 months old now, and man alive do they grow fast!!! He is so smart and sweet and i love the him alot. I too have given much thought to dog food and although mine did not come home with any issues i think coccidia and worms and dire-rear is somewhat common with pups. I have 2 dogs actually and my toy poodle Riley is 12 years old. I fed Riley Iams from the time he was a pup until he was about eight and then i switched to purina one.Riley is doing ok health wise his teeth have been troublesome and he was always underweight as he only ever ate enough to survive. After deciding to get a lab and finding a breeeder i liked i began to research dog food. The good, the bad and the ugly! Please do use this forum to find other pathways to discover whats best for your dog. Iams is not a good quality dog food. Having said that i would not switch right away as the poor wee labby hasn't had an easy go of it so any switching i did would be carefully planned. Please refer back to other posts about dogfood and here what others have said as there are alot of options & opinions for feeding.
    I feed both Gus and Riley raw but will use kibble if i have to. i have found raw to be the best option for me but i know its not for everyone. Orijen LBP made by is the kibble i use from time to time and i think its good - it has 0% grain, 70%meat, 30%fruit and veggies and natural botanicals.
    I hope your pup feels better soon!

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    DefaultRe: question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

    We just saw our vet for this yesterday. Our 3 month old puppy (we just adopted her Tues) was looking thin and a few other issues. Before going it was recommended that we take a stool sample with us. I'm SO glad we did! Sarah is taking Tribissen tabs, they're 480MG and we give her half of one 2X a day for 12 days.

    Sarah is eating a Science Diet/Nutro Natural Choice mix as this is what we're doing with Madison. We've decided to switch to the Nutro, but take it about twice as long as recommended to switch over due to Madison seems to take longer to adjust.

    Sarah really didn't have diahrea, but loose looking stools. Our vet recommended we still watch Madison (almost 7 months) and if her stools become softer, take in a sample for them to run. He said she should have an immunity to it, so I'm hoping she does.

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    DefaultRe: question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

    i'm not going to start a food rollercoaster because he is finally pooping solid logs and i don't want to screw with his digestive system for a while at least. but i'm surprised to hear about Iams being so bad. i was also surprised to hear from the vet that he still had some coccidia because he eats alot , drinks alot , plays alot , and nips alot and chews everything and seems quite happy.
    i don't believe the breeder/seller sold me the dog knowing the dog was sick. the dog didn't look too thin or lethargic or anything like that when i bought him. he was very cooperative and from what the vet told me about coccidia and what i found out about it online, it's very common. . i asked the vet to give him a real good look over and asked him about some other concerns i had and he said the dog looks great otherwise.
    what about science diet or that purins plus LBP?
    anyone know if anyone sells canned food that is formulated for large breeds?

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    DefaultRe: question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

    Actually, a switch to Eukanuba LBP (cadillac of the Iams world) would probably be easy enough for you to do, and it's not a BAD food.. much better than the Iams. Yes, there are better ingredients out there (like Innova lbp if you can find it), but it has worked for my labs better than anything else I've tried over the years. You really want that low Ca/P that Euk, Iams or Innova lbp have if you've got a potentially fast growing pup. And yes, pups eat alot.. they are little factories! You may want to try a digestive enzyme to get the most out of his food.

    The loose stools were likely due to the coccidia more than food... in case you were wondering.

    I personally will not feed canned food anymore, esp not if it's not human grade.


    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014

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    DefaultRe: question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

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    DefaultRe: question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

    Quote Originally Posted by loriwolfelabluv
    Response from IAMS on the BS posted about it

    Thank you very much for taking the time to forward the link to this horrible web
    site. It positively sickens me, and is a gross misrepresentation of The Iams
    Company and the research we have conducted! We sincerely appreciate loyal
    customers like you who make the effort to investigate the truth about these
    horrible accusations. Uncaged Campaigns is an animal rights group in the UK
    that has connections with a tabloid in London that "broke" this story on Sunday.
    Here is our official response:

    An article published by a British tabloid newspaper (Sunday
    Express, "Pet Food Cruelty," May 27) contained inaccurate and misleading
    information about Iams nutritional studies. The Iams Company is appalled by
    these false allegations of animal cruelty.

    More than two years ago - well before our acquisition by Procter
    & Gamble (P&G) - The Iams Company independently made a firm and binding decision
    that we would not consider or sponsor any studies that required the euthanasia
    of dogs and cats. We determined that we could continue to make crucial health
    advancements without such studies because certain key findings had already been
    made, and new alternative research methods had been developed (for example,
    advances in MRI technology can now be used to examine the condition of bones and
    joints without using invasive procedures).

    Early in our efforts to develop nutritional innovations, we
    sponsored university and veterinary school research in North America that
    identified important questions. The answers to those questions could
    potentially save and enhance the lives of millions of dogs and cats, but could
    only be determined through studies requiring euthanasia. We exhausted all other
    alternatives and made choiceful decisions in our research methodology. In those
    few instances, researchers used the minimum number of animals possible, and the
    results have benefited dogs and cats world-wide.

    For example, our studies of canine and feline kidney disease - a
    chronic and fatal illness affecting millions of pets - resulted in new renal
    diets that make a significant difference in the lives of dogs and cats with
    chronic renal failure. Our research into healthy skeletal development has made
    a big difference for large breed dogs, where painful and debilitating
    developmental bone problems can occur in up to 40% of puppies.

    Despite these facts, the story in the Sunday Express portrayed
    our published research findings in a sensational, negative, and misleading way.
    The article repeatedly described ordinary veterinary health practices in
    unnecessarily horrific terms. For example:

    * A skin biopsy - which is a common diagnostic test in both human and
    veterinary medicine - was described in the article as "giving the animal chest
    * Giving an animal a routine vaccination was described as "injecting with
    live virus vaccines."

    Clearly, this type of language is deceptive and

    Other leading pet food companies sponsor or have sponsored
    similar studies to those undertaken by our company. Unlike most of our
    competitors, Iams openly presents and publishes our findings (for example,
    veterinary conferences, peer-reviewed veterinary journals) so that other
    researchers can help improve the health and well-being of dogs and cats, without
    repeating research projects.

    This raises an important question: If our research has been
    presented, published and part of public record for more than ten years - and if
    other leading pet food companies sponsor similar studies -- why was The Iams
    Company singled out now?

    To answer that question, it is important to consider the source
    of the allegations: This story appears to have been sparked by Uncaged
    Campaigns, a UK-based animal activist organization that has long called for
    boycotts of P&G products.

    To sum up, our research efforts have always been guided by a
    strict code of ethics that exceeds the highest standards established by the
    Animal Welfare Act of the US and the US Department of Agriculture. Today, and
    in the past, all of our feeding studies have been required to meet very specific
    criteria, namely:

    * The care of animals is of paramount importance, and animal well-being is
    always our top priority.
    * The results must help veterinarians and pet owners nutritionally manage
    important pet health conditions and give real benefits to dogs and cats
    * The studies must be unique, relevant, and truly pioneering - in other
    words, no existing research could answer the questions raised.

    At Iams, we stand behind our research, and are proud of our
    55-year track record of enhancing the well-being of dogs and cats by providing
    world-class quality foods. That is our mission, one that we live by every day
    in every corner of the company, starting with our Research and Development.

    The negative Iams information that is flowing through the Internet right now is
    a distorted view of our research. Unfortunately, this type of sensationalism is
    at the expense of a company made up of people that are passionate about their
    dogs and cats, as well as their company's mission (to enhance the well being of
    dogs and cats by providing world-class, quality foods). I wish I could share
    with you all the thousands of contacts we've had from dog and cat owners
    reporting on the impact our foods have had on their pets' health. My own dog
    has experienced terrible allergies that were greatly soothed by feeding her a
    Eukanuba Veterinary Diet.


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    DefaultRe: question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

    Coccidia is common and no reflection on the breeder.

    Personally, I would have left the pup on Nature's Variety...EXCELLENT FOOD. Forget the cans, the pup doesn't need them. You can soften the kibble with a little warm water for a month and then let him get used to dry.

    YOU started the food rollercoaster. Stress of changing foods while your pup is getting used to a new home and dealing with his illness is not advisable.

    Yes, all those PetSmart type food will stop your dog up good, they are mostly all fillers except for the few decent brands (Science Diet/Iams=FILLER)

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    DefaultRe: question about "coccidia"and what food to feed my new puppy

    i don't believe i started the rollercoaster cause i switched food once so my pup would not have diarrhea. i'm sticking with Iams cause my pup loves it and his BM's are nice logs. i agee with Iams response to the tree huggers and dirt worshipers claims against their company. a few animals suffered to help millions.
    do you know how many medical advancements were made during WWII at those camps. it's unfortunate but true

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