Sarah's back from the vet
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Thread: Sarah's back from the vet

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    DefaultSarah's back from the vet

    Took Sarah to the vet just over an hour ago. He listened to her, looked down her throat, took her temp... he thought she might have a very slight case of kennel cough but wasn't going to say for sure since there wasn't any inflamation. Also took a stool sample with us..... Sarah has coccidia and will be taking tribrissen tabs for the next 12 days.

    The vet techs and our vet were happy to see Sarah. And of course, no one could tell me anything about where she came from, etc. > No one knew, or if they did, weren't talking.

    She is such a good girl to take to the vet. Sarah weighs 17 pounds today.

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    DefaultRe: Sarah's back from the vet

    Poor Sarah. I hope the meds take care of the coccidia. Sending good thoughts for her.

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Sarah's back from the vet

    Sarah is a pretty girl. I hope she feels better & the meds help her coccidia.

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    DefaultRe: Sarah's back from the vet

    That coccidea can be nasty. Keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't start feeling worse.


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