Shoulder lameness....ideas, past experience?
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Thread: Shoulder lameness....ideas, past experience?

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    DefaultShoulder lameness....ideas, past experience?

    About 4 weeks ago Sam was rushing out the back door to chase a squirrel when he smashed his shoulder into the door frame. he is a little over 110 lbs, pretty much all muscle and long legs. He just turned three.

    He didn't cry or carry the front leg, but he started limping on the leg afterwards.

    I gave it a week or so to get better and then took him to my vet. The vet twisted, turned, pulled every part of sam's leg very thoroughly. No sign of pain from sam or strange noises or motion problems. There are no lumps or visible swelling.

    The vet gave me an anti-inflammatory, told me 2 weeks of just going outside for potty breaks and after that begin 10 minute walks and swim exercise, no soccer ball chasing or running.

    I messed up during the first week and let him do too much,..since then I have been very good and as of this Friday Sam's 2 weeks of "lock down" will be over.

    My concern is that he still has a slight limp at last 60% of the time.

    What does this sound like and should I give it a couple more weeks before going back to the vet's?

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    DefaultRe: Shoulder lameness....ideas, past experience?

    I'd have an xray done. It could be OCD of the shoulder (elbows are probably more common, but it does happen in the shoulder too).... all it may have taken was that bump to bring it to your attention. -Anne

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