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Thread: Skin and coat suppliments

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    DefaultSkin and coat suppliments

    I had been giving out 2yo yellow girl Lipiderm to help with her coat and shedding. It was working great and really made hes coat very soft and I think helped the shedding but not a lot. Anyway it is fish oil based and everyone in our house complained that she smelled like fish from her posterior area. Is there anything that will give the same benefits of fish oil for the dogs coats without the smell?

    Jim Clark

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    DefaultRe: Skin and coat suppliments

    My Piper has inhalent allergies (maple, various molds and spores) and had an itch problem. In addition to weekly injections, that I give at home, she gets 1 Derm Cap ES and 1 3V Cap (both fish oil suppliments) daily. We've been on this regimen for 4+ years and she has a beautiful soft, shiny coat and I've never smelled any fishy odor on her.

    If the fishy odor is concentrated around her rear end and is occasional you may want to check her anal glands. I've heard there can be a very fishy smell when they are not expressing properly.

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    DefaultRe: Skin and coat suppliments

    I give Puff one Kirkland (Costco brand) Fish Oil cap a day + a slice of minced salmon (about half the size of a slice of bacon).

    She's never smelled like fish.
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    DefaultRe: Skin and coat suppliments

    I give Ernie 3 cans of fish in natural oil every week. Any fish. I buy big cans. 440gram. Not sure what this is in oz.

    Every time I take him out people stop me in the street and remark on his soft glossy coat. I don't feed kibble as he is sensitive and itches. When he was on kibble his coat looked good after the fish.

    I do this as it takes the guess work out of how much he should get and often I forget to give him the fish oil tablet, or give extra etc. This way I buy 3 cans per week and it is easy to see if there is another can at the end of the week. Never any smell.

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