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    How long should it take for my two year old lab to recover after physical activity when it is hot outside. He seems to breathe very hard for some time after about 20 frisbee tosses.

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    DefaultRe: Physical activity

    I think that depends on what kind of physical shape he's in.

    A pro athlete probably wouldn't break a sweat after running a mile...... I on the other hand would be breathing quite hard!! (and sweating.... :-[)
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    DefaultRe: Physical activity

    Labs do well in cold weather and not so good in hot.

    Can you do the Frisbee tossing in the morning when it's cooler?

    And/or do you have a place he can swim? Swimming retrieves are good exercise and not as heat inducing. You don't want your Lab to get heat stroke.
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    DefaultRe: Physical activity

    When it is hot outside you shouldn't be doing any hard physical activity. Dogs can quickly suffer from heat stroke and other heat related illness as they cannot regulate their body temperature like we can.

    A word of warning on the frisbee; it is not a risk I would take. Labradors are not the type of dogs suited to a high impact exercise like frisbee. The jumping and awkward landing is not good for the joints. Frisbee is better suited to lighter framed dogs such as Border Collies.


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